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As a European I would be very happy to do what I can to promote something
that would be of help.


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Adrian -
I couldn't agree with you more. That's why I sent the message a while back
about the ISAN - a designation set up for Audio-Visual. However, most
of the producers have not heard about it and certainly are not using it.
It would take a lobby effort to encourage its use.
At this time, the ISAN is in the hands of a European group.
Here's what that says:

The International Standard Audiovisual Number (ISAN) (ISO 15706) is
designed to fill a gap in the network of unique identifiers, and it will
link up with the ISRC. ISAN makes it possible for all rights holders
(authors, interpreters, producers) to identify the audiovisual work. It
does not identify rights holders and their respective shares. ISAN is
applied to all audiovisual works. The term audiovisual work means any
work, consisting of an animated series of images, whether or not it is
accompanied by sound. ISAN is not intended to be applied to fixed images
or software packages.
ISAN is now a Final Draft International Standard (FDIS 15706). An ISAN
for versions is on preparation. It is promoted by AGICOA and FIAPF.

The ISAN consists of an ISAN prefix, followed by 16 digits, the last one
of which is a check digit.

Maybe we could start a movement to request and use this number.


Adrian Wood wrote:

> Having followed this over the past few weeks wouldn't it make sense to
> establish a video equivalent to the ISBN which really was intended for
> books and not video or DVD?
> It might be a means to end Bowker's apparent exploitation of their
> position.
> Adrian
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> Interesting. Well if I do ever convince our video dept guys to go
> for it I will certainly wait until next year
> When the new numbers go in effect
> On 4/22/06 2:17 PM, "" <> wrote:
> Thought some of you might be interested in an update on our
> adventures in ISBN-land. We went ahead and purchased a large
> batch of ISBNs, assuming that of course they would be in the
> new 13-digit format. But no such luck. They are all 10-digit
> format and we must either convert them ourselves, one by one,
> which is fairly straightforward but requires time and
> patience, or pay Bowker to do so. We naturally called Bowker
> at once and said we'd much prefer to be issued the 13-digit
> numbers in the first place (since they go into effect January
> 2007), but were informed that they can't give them out until
> it's actually January 2007. Unless, of course, we pay Bowker
> extra or do the handwork ourselves. Anyway, we're glad to
> know that ISBNs are useful to librarians and media staff,
> because they're certainly inconvenient to come by. I'm really
> hopeful this is the end of our ISBN learning curve, but I'm a
> little pessimistic, based on recent experiences...... Jocelyn
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