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This is true but since most of the things they would sell would be basically
cheap stuff ( $30 or less) and they would surely take responsibility for
copies that arrive damaged not sure it is a big deal. It would seem rather
unusual for a distributor to sell additional rights on a copy they did not
sell you directly but if lets say Kino sold you PPR rights on a copy of
DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST you got from a wholesaler we would let you have a
replacement at a retail price as opposed to a PPR price so I am not sure
this would be an issue

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> Another comment on Ambassador (and other jobbers)
> Some distributors offer discounted prices for replacement of lost or damaged
> copies of their titles. There may be other rights negotiated later (such as
> use for distance ed or other streaming)
> At least one distributor has informed me previously that they do not offer
> those rights for copies purchased through a jobber (such as Ambassador).
> The rationale is that the distributor has no proof that my copy is a legally
> acquired copy, since they are not the ones who sold it to me.
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