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We use ambassador for videos/dvds. There have been some problems, but
they are getting better. If you are buying foreign stuff (or used
stuff), it is often better just to go direct than to go through them. I
always let them know where they can buy something (if I have a good
source) otherwise they often can't find it and say it is unavailable
(and then I have to send them the contact information). One other issue
is if you want to purchase the "home use" copy rather than the
institutional copy (with the previously discussed "educational use"
rights). They will not purchase "home use" copies unless they are the
only one available.

All and all, however, they have improved a lot recently. I don't really
deal with them directly (I send stuff to our ordering dept and they deal
with them or act as an intermediary) and am not sure what sort of
discount we get from them and if this ends up saving us any money or


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Has anyone had experience trying to purchase videos/dvd's through
Ambassador Books? I'd very much like to hear about your experience with
them. Thank you and aloha!

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