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It is owned by Sony in the US through their acquisition of UA however it has
never been released on VHS and I would not hold my breath for DVD
I think it probably ran at one time or another on TCM but would not swear to
it. There used be a 16mm scope print but I doubt Swank has it
UA did have a 35mm print and one top and Sony might have that

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> Hello Videolib,
> This is really reaching, but does anyone have any idea who the
> copyright holder might be for the 1957 film "Celui Qui Doit Mourir" (He
> Who Must Die), directed by Jules Dassin and based on the book by Nikos
> Kazantzakis. It's not in circulation in any format, Nikos Kazantzakis
> died years ago and his widow Eleni died in 2004. There was/is a son,
> Voula, but my Google search turned up nothing on that name.
> This isn't that important, but if any of Videolib's European members
> have any idea, I would appreciate it.
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