Re: [Videolib] Streaming terms

Rick Faaberg (
Sun, 16 Apr 2006 03:30:33 -0700

On 2/10/06 3:03 PM "Jessica Rosner" <> sent this out:

> I did not mean to suggest you were wanting to anything illegal
> But just pointing out there are going to thousands of feature films
> That may never be available for streaming

I haven't had the time to respond to previous messages in this thread, but I
have to say that it's soon going to come to the point that if a title isn't
available for network/streaming delivery, WITH APPLICABLE LICENSING PAID FOR
OF COURSE!!!, then nobody is going to give a rat's ass about the title.
Simple as that.

We're moving on, folks.

Rick Faaberg

Ps. I'll read the previous responses and see if I have anything else to
entertain you in response to those previous responses. :-)

Pps. Even the Beatles and Apple Corp just changed their minds on this!
They're going digital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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