[Videolib] Cleopatra

Beasley, Sarah (beasleys@carnegielibrary.org)
Thu, 13 Apr 2006 11:04:50 -0400


I have a patron looking for a movie she saw on TV when she was a child
and she has very sketchy details. It's a version of Cleopatra and she
saw it sometime between the mid 60's - early 70's (she thinks on the
early side of that range). Her memory of the film is that it has a
majority or all-black cast and that the sets looked very much like the
Elizabeth Taylor version of Cleopatra. She doesn't think it was a
opera, but didn't rule it out entirely. Originally she thought the
title was Cleopatra, but decided perhaps she was mistaken. Anyone have
any ideas? (I've checked some of the usual sources, but I'm reluctant
to list the specifics since it wouldn't hurt if someone double checked


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