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Hi Jan,
I strongly recommend:
"Digital Divide: The Hole in the Wall"
Platinum Award -Worldfest Houston
The Gabriel Award -NCAC
Best Documentary -Athens Film Festival
Best of Fest -Sarasota Film Festival
Outstanding Story about South Asia -SAJA
"Recommended. This program takes viewers to the streets of New Delhi, India,
where Indian researcher Sugata Mitra places a high-speed computer in a wall
near an Indian slum that ends with intriguing results: within hours, and
without instruction, children begin browsing the Internet, read the news,
download games, and listen to music. As a result, Dr. Mitra, the scientist
who pioneered the use of IT to educate slum children, has been conferred the
2005 Dewang Mehta Award for Innovation in Information Technology." -EMRO
A revolution in information technology is redefining poverty, as how much
you know is becoming just as important as how much you own. This multi-award
winning documentary examines one possible solution to the growing
technological gap between rich and poor - the so-called "digital divide" -
that threatens to consign millions to an "information underclass." When
Indian researcher Sugata Mitra embedded a high-speed computer in a wall
separating his firm's New Delhi headquarters from an adjacent slum, he
discovered that slum children quickly taught themselves how to surf the net,
read the news, and download games and music. Mitra then replicated the
experiment in other locations. Each time the results were similar: within
hours, and without instruction, the children began browsing the Internet.
Here we see how children, given only access and opportunity, teach
themselves the rudiments of computer literacy with no instruction; also we
discover that the spread of information technology is changing societies
around the world, and the implications of Mitra's experiment are profound,
especially for poor people. Produced by Globalvision, Inc. 2004 JSCA 52 min.
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Does anyone know of any videos that demonstrate and discuss the global
digital divide?or any videos on the digital divide?
Thanks everyone.

Jan Rodgers
Dominican University
Clinical Assistant Profesor
Graduate School of Social Work


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