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Um good idea to turn this on it's head
I am not sure of the exact figure but basically about 95% of films
>From that ERA are lost forever. Whatever remains ( often in fragments)
is usually in archives. Other than reading about it does he have
any reason to believe it still exists.If not forget it.
IF he is willing to travel anywhere from DC to Bologna on the
VERY remote chance it exists in an archive you can call my
Friend Rosemary at the Library of Congress at 202-707-5573 and she
Can look it up on the FIAF database of archive holdings but don't call
Her unless he would travel.

Have fun

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> Hello all,
> I've exhausted my usual resources, so I hope one of you can tell me
> something about this film. A professor has read about the 1915/1917 silent
> film, "Black Stork," and is asking me if it's available somewhere. It was
> directed by Leopold & Theodore Wharton. Even if all you can tell me is that
> you know it's NOT available, I'd be very grateful.
> Thanks in advance.
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