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Renee Zurn (
Mon, 03 Apr 2006 11:05:27 -0500


What kind of library are you (academic, public, special, school,
I work at the Duluth Public Library

1) How many libraries own a disc repair/cleaning machine and what
brand is
We do not own a disc repair/cleaning machine.

2) Do you have an estimate of how many discs per week/month, etc. you
We need to repair about 7 discs a month.

3) Do you offer the service to other businesses in your area (for
we repair DVDs for 2 local video stores on a weekly basis)?

4) Do you offer the service to your patrons? Who performs this
service in
your library (we have trained a page/custodian to operate the

5) If you don't have a machine now, do you plan to get one in the
If you don't have a machine now, do you forsee a use for one or too
trouble to bother?
No. We do not have enough repairs to justify the cost of a machine and
the staff time needed to do the repairs.

6) How large is your DVD and CD music, CD audio collections (volumes)
DVDs - just over 2858 items. Music CDs - 5971 items. Books on CD -
1552 items.

7) If you don't own a machine, have you considered (or do you now)
outsourcing repair/cleaning? - If now, who do you use?
Yes, we outsource our repairs. I first used a local video store who
cleaned our discs for $2.50 each. However, I was not satisfied with the
quality. I next mailing my discs to one of the companies that advertise
this service. Had great results, cost about the same ($3.00 / disc) but
had the mailing cost also. I would still be using this company except
that last fall our regional library system purchased a machine. They
will clean our discs for about $1.50 each. We have free shipping as we
just send the discs as part of our ILL deliveries and they bill us every
month using a billing system that is already in place.

I hope this helps.

Renee Zurn
Manager, Adult Services
Duluth Public Library
520 W. Superior St.
Duluth, MN 55802

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