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Holy Schmokes, Gary!!

I got this same message from you 10 times!....your "SEND" button musta


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hey jim!

here goes for Berkeley
> What kind of library are you (academic, public, special, school,
> system/other)?
> 1) How many libraries own a disc repair/cleaning machine and what
> brand is it?
--RTI Eco-Senior (which broke after 7 months and had to be shipped
back for repair)

> 2) Do you have an estimate of how many discs per week/month, etc. you

> repair?
--10-20 a month

> 3) Do you offer the service to other businesses in your area (for
> example, we repair DVDs for 2 local video stores on a weekly basis)?
--No...I have offered use of the machine to several other media
on campus; so far no takers.

> 4) Do you offer the service to your patrons? Who performs this
> service in your library (we have trained a page/custodian to operate
the machines)?
--Not overtly, but if someone asked, I'd run a disc thru for them

> 5) If you don't have a machine now, do you plan to get one in the
> If you don't have a machine now, do you forsee a use for one or too
> much trouble to bother?
> 6) How large is your DVD and CD music, CD audio collections (volumes)
--about 5,500 DVD; about 100 CD audio; about 35 CD-ROMS

> 7) If you don't own a machine, have you considered (or do you now)
> outsourcing repair/cleaning? - If now, who do you use?
> thanks for your responses. I'll provide the list serv with data
> feedback when I collate the responses. Questions or comments, please
e-mail me.
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