[Videolib] Questions about disc repair

James Scholtz (jimscholtz@sdln.net)
Fri, 31 Mar 2006 14:43:57 -0500

Hi all -

In a special 2004 summer/fall AV issue of LJ in, I wrote an article for LJ
comparing disc cleaning/repair machines and that was one reason our library
acquired 3 of these disc repair units. I'm considering doing a
re-write/update of the article since a few new cleaning units have come on
the market and disc collections are growing exponentially in libraries - and
I'd like to have some data on which to hang this article. If you'd be so
kind as to respond, I'd be happy.

What kind of library are you (academic, public, special, school,

1) How many libraries own a disc repair/cleaning machine and what brand is
2) Do you have an estimate of how many discs per week/month, etc. you
3) Do you offer the service to other businesses in your area (for example,
we repair DVDs for 2 local video stores on a weekly basis)?
4) Do you offer the service to your patrons? Who performs this service in
your library (we have trained a page/custodian to operate the machines)?
5) If you don't have a machine now, do you plan to get one in the future?
If you don't have a machine now, do you forsee a use for one or too much
trouble to bother?
6) How large is your DVD and CD music, CD audio collections (volumes)
7) If you don't own a machine, have you considered (or do you now)
outsourcing repair/cleaning? - If now, who do you use?

thanks for your responses. I'll provide the list serv with data feedback
when I collate the responses. Questions or comments, please e-mail me.

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