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Another thing to keep in mind with these "educational use" titles is
that sometimes they do provide additional rights that are not covered
under the face to face teaching exemption, TEACH or other exemptions.
That is, they may also allow for educational uses that are not
associated with a class. Of course, you have to ask the vendor to
specifically state what is meant by "educational use" so that you'll
know what additional rights, if any, you are being provided.


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Adding my 2 cents to the discussion I will say from my experience
for small educational distributors it is really a dollars and cents
decision. We would get very few home video requests each year and take
those on a case by case basis. For a lot of the titles we only had the
educational distribution rights. Most titles don't get the volume of
purchases that commercial home video titles do, like something from New
Line or Miramax. Selling 10 copies of a title is a big year. These
companies exist to serve the educational users. They would go out of
business if they were to charge much less than they do. Having done
analysis for three of these companies in the past I know this is just

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> Greetings!
> On a number of the videos we are purchasing for the College library, I
> am noticing a new category of purchase- "Educational' or "classroom"
> use- usually with a much higher cost than "home use." Our
> is that under Fair Use, face-to-face classroom use is covered under
> "home use." Are we wrong? I would very much appreciate any light
> anyone could shed.
> Thanks!
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