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John Fossett (jfossett@krl.org)
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We're gathering information on the pros & cons of purchasing multiple
copies of a title. Right now there are circumstances where we buy only
one copy of a title (mainly media & NF purchases) and we're looking into
the idea of setting the minimum number to more than one.
While I prefer to hear from smaller library systems, as many of you work
for larger systems which require multiple copy purchases, I'm interested
in any information on the subject. Your help will be appreciated.

John F. Fossett
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Interesting idea but what happens if you need more than even Netflix
let you use ? Also they got "outed" for prioritizing customers based on
so there is some potential to be screwed if you want particularly
films. Perhaps you can do more than one membership at a time.
Certainly a practical idea for something you might only use once a year
But drawbacks in terms of putting things on reserve and being 100%
they are going to be available

On 3/29/06 5:40 PM, "Ciara Healy" <cmhealy@waketech.edu> wrote:

> I know this one!
> Because I asked the same exact thing last month.
> You can use "home-use" in the classroom. What you don't get are the
> public performance rights with home use, and if you don't need them or
> anticipate needing those rights (like showing the film in public or
> charging admission among other circumstances) then home use is A-OK.
> Also, I am considering signing up for Netflix for the instructors to
> use in class at my campus. A few academic libraries I have found are
> doing it. Has anyone else done this? How is it going? Does it save you
> scads of money that one would normally use to purchase popular DVDs?
> Frugally yours,
> Ciara
>>>> wiesl@union.edu 3/29/2006 3:53 pm >>>
> Greetings!
> On a number of the videos we are purchasing for the College library, I
> am noticing a new category of purchase- "Educational' or "classroom"
> use- usually with a much higher cost than "home use." Our
> understanding
> is that under Fair Use, face-to-face classroom use is covered under
> "home use." Are we wrong? I would very much appreciate any light
> anyone could shed.
> Thanks!
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