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I'm fairly sure Dennis is correct in saying that there's no inherent
responsibility for ISBN-wielding publishers to put ISBNs on every item they
publish, but as to having all of one's titles in "the database" so they can
all be found, this is already taken care of. As others have noted, the UPC
codes/EANs that Kino's stuff already have is searchable in OCLC. Kino's
"publisher numbers" (sometimes referred to as "music numbers") are also
searchable in OCLC. Other than that I suppose one can't search Amazon for
UPCs and EANs yet, but 13-digit ISBNs are coming and they'll be the only
ISBNs after 2007--and 13-digit ISBNs are awfully similar to UPCs and EANs.
Anyone know what Amazon plans to do about 13-digit ISBNs? We were surprised
to find out last month that our much-larger British parent company had no
idea that 10-digit ISBNs were being phased out.

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I just didn't want Gary to get mad at me by bogging it down
The problem appears to be that we would have to get ISBN numbers on EVERY
Including some VERY obscure ones on VHS that sell less than 10 copies a year

That I don't believe is true -- that would probably be only if you want to
be in the database so people can find out everything you already released,
but you have your own website and catalog for that. With the ISBN number,
you do have a choice on what you put them on and don't.

My feeling is that the good will alone is worth the $15 per title it costs.

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