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Delin, Peter (delin@zlb.de)
Mon, 27 Mar 2006 19:12:43 +0200

Dear Videolibbers,

our department for media repair just brought me 6 DVD-videos that do no
longer run in different DVD players because of heavy bronzing. They get
yellowish beginning from the outer edge. Some are already completely
yellow. Our player announces "dirt - clean the disk" although it's
absolutely clean and scratch free.

Does anyone have similar experiences or information about this
phenomenon? It seems to be some sort of corrosion. Or is it the glue
layer of dual layer discs (DVD 9)?

Here is some information from the web (bronzing is often mentioned in
connection with CDs manufactured by Philips & Du Pont Optical UK Ltd
(PDO) - our DVD discs just look like the one on this site


Some results from the AMIA-L archives (keyword "cd rot"):

The 6 DVD-videos are as follows:

- Spur der Steine (Icestorm) - made by Eurotape (a German DVD producer)
No. 99023 CDA 9DV0 and 99024 CDA 9DV1
- Dastaan (Yash Raj Films UK - "Made and printed in the USA")
No. D9 YRF 2201M DVD 1600 L0 MG/CA 211472
- Devdas (Yash Raj Films UK - "Made and printed in the USA")
No. D9 YRF-1110M ID1102 LO 208497
- The Thief of Bagdad (Kino on Video)
No. Cine Magnetics A3-22015 L0 and Cine Magnetics A3-22015 L1
- In Celebration (American Film Theatre - Kino on Video)
No. Cine Magnetics A3-08021 L0 01
- Blind Husbands (Kino on Video - still playable but begin of bronzing
from the edge of the disc)
No. RVD000094/B S1

Numbers are from the inner ring of the discs and apparently refer to the
differnt layers of the disc with the respective production numbers. Does
anyone has information how to decode these numbers to identify the producer?

Any help appreciated!

with kind regards
Peter Delin

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