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Marlene Graham (
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FYI, I did a quick check of a New Yorker, Koch and Wellspring title in the
NY Public Library database they all had ISBN numbers.

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> In a message dated 3/23/06 1:13:01 PM, writes:
>> It seems that some of our older films ( DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST, COME AND
>> SEE)
>> have them but most newer ones don't. I am afraid this is not anything we
>> would pursue or pay for on our own so I assume most of our films will not
>> have them. I would be surprised if companies like New Yorker, Wellspring,
>> Koch Lorber etc have them either but I don't really know.
> New Yorker has them and STRONGLY suggested that Milestone should as well with
> our new line, so we went ahead and did so. I believe Zeitgeist does as well.
> It's not that expensive for a company putting out 20+ titles a year.
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