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Now I'm confused. Wasn't the original poster looking to acquire ISBNs to apply to original works-- so that once the work (book, video, ??) is out in the marketplace or librarys, users can find it? Checked out her website and she seems to be a publisher. Does Bowker have a strangle hold on ISBNs and are small publishers priced out of acquiring them? Interesting while being appalling.

The answers have been geared to finding ISBNs for a particular item, and its usefullness in a catalog record. Different idea but of interest to many of us, particularly catalogers. (I really like the ISBN.nu site, good to know about.)

Sue Picker

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>Subject: RE: [Videolib] ISBN #s
>Even though it takes a few extra clicks, you can find ISBN numbers thru
>this website without "buying" subscriptions to the "regular sources".
>Just enter the search info, then click on your result. The ISBN number
>appears in the search box, toward the top.
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>Subject: [Videolib] ISBN #s
>Does anyone on this listserv know of an alternative way to obtain ISBN
>#s than by paying Bowker's fees? Years ago ISBN prefixes and numbers
>were free and I obtained a prefix and what I thought was a lifetime
>supply of numbers in 1989. But as it turns out, I'm nearing the end of
>the numbers. Bowker's staff has informed me that I will not be able to
>keep my original ISBN prefix (for any amount of money) and that if I
>want to obtain a prefix that I can use consistently, I will have to
>purchase a huge quantity, pay a large fee, and be liable for a
>continuing yearly fee. I have two questions for the listserv: 1. Does
>anyone else issue ISBN #s or a suitable equivalent? 2. Do librarians
>and other media professionals care whether a DVD, VHS, or book has an
>ISBN # or not?
>Many thanks.
>Jocelyn Riley

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