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Threatt, Monique L (mthreatt@indiana.edu)
Sun, 19 Mar 2006 18:09:33 -0500

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Ok, I know we do not purchase feature films for the sole purpose of
supporting student-sponsored film festivals. But, I was encouraged to
get feedback from the listserv, even though this topic goes
round-and-round. But, DO NOT reply to the listserv, send all comments
directly to me.

If a student group sponsors a film festival, and that student group is
operating under the auspices of a department, for example, students in
the Department of Telecommunications show films in a festival that were
also shown previously in class, then should it be the responsibility of
the media librarian or student group to secure PPR?

Is it easier to initially purchase all feature films with PPR, or wait
for student individual requests? Man, films are so popular on this

Bottom line, would you ever purchase feature films with PPR to support
student-sponsored film festivals? If you do, and you don't want the
whole list to know about it, then send me your comments off-line, and
let me know if you have also have a policy in place to address this

I get students all the time who say "well, I saw so-and-so use the films
from your media center" and I have to explain to them that we do not
advocate using films for film festivals without PPR, yadda, yadda,
yadda. It's a pain, but if I had a policy in place that would address
this very issue, then I can stop sounding like a tape recorder. Any
possible suggestions for a policy? Excuse all typos.



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