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I contacted the gallery where the work was shown, but I think the gallery owner misunderstood my question -- $25,000 for a video? I don't think so. Anyway, I wrote them back immediately and asked if the VIDEO was available for sale, not the painting. I haven't heard anything since yesterday evening, but you may want to contact them as well.

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Dear Monique,

Yes, the video is for sale. It is an edition of three and 3/3 is still available. The price is $25,000.


Josee Bienvenu

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Dear Susanna,

seems to be difficult.

This institution in Sitzerland specialized in art from Latinamerica probably has a DVD-edition of the seven part video for loan. You might contact them (DVD edition mentioned by this museum in Finland[showUid]=17&cHash=3c2dc73b88

The Flaherty Seminar in NY had a projection of the video in 2004
mentioned in Film Comment:
"Of a newer crop of poetic docs, the devastating Bocas de Ceniza (Mouths of Ash) (04), by Juan Manuel Echavarria, was head-and-shoulders the find of the Seminar. Literally. In tight long-take close-ups framed against a neutral background, a series of rural Columbian peasants forcibly displaced from their homes by military operations sing simple, mournful songs of their own devising about oppression and, especially, a massacre of unarmed civilians by government troops. In Echavarria's eloquent trope, the CU's isolate singers from their spatial contexts while their collected songs speak to an unquenchable spirit of collective struggle."
- seems to be a great work.

Also helpful might be to contact the Columbian Ambassy in Washington
They have supported screenings of this video in the past.

With kind regards
Peter Delin/Videolektorat
Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin

Info about the film:
Juan Manuel Echavarrķa
Bocas de ceniza / Mouths of Ashes, 2003
Series of 7 videos

Echavarria was a writer for thirty years before turning to fine arts to make use of the pictorial and documentary qualities of this medium for his socio-political concerns. In his photo series and video films he deals with the power of the drug cartel and various forms of violence in Columbia that have become - after fifty years of civil war - shockingly normal.

Bocas de ceniza /Mouths of Ashes - is what the Spanish conquerors of Columbia called the estuary mouth of the Magdalena River, so named because of the day of its discovery (Ash Wednesday). Today the name is cynically ambiguous: the corpses of victims of the devastating drug wars are found floating in the river again and again. In the video Echavarria portrays the Afro-Columbians living on the Caribbean coast of Columbia.
Most of them are poor farmers, until recently a minority with almost no rights caught between all the war fronts. In keeping with their oral traditions, they sing self-composed songs about their traumatic experiences.
51st Venice Biennale, 2005

Juan Manuel Echavarria, born in Medellin, Columbia, lives and works in Bogota.

susanna eng schrieb:
> Hi Libbers -
> I was wondering if any of you were familiar with the artist Juan Mnuel
> Echavarria. A Faculty member has requested that I purchase a documentary
> entitled "Bocas de Ceniza" (Mouth of Ash), but I can't see if or where
> it is available. I know it's the title of an exhibit of his from a few
> years ago, but again, I am not sure of its availability. Does anyone
> know anything about it by any chance?
> Thanks in advance!
> Susanna.
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