[Videolib] Re: political pot shots on the listserv

Brigid Duffy (bduffy@sfsu.edu)
Wed, 15 Mar 2006 08:43:59 -0800

Dearest Videolib,

We have oft deemed that this fruitless bantering between Demolicans and
Republicrats has failed to give our own magnificence the proper glory
due to our wonderfulness. At this time we graciously accept all of your
abject apologies for such unmerited neglect and vow to remember your
respectful servitude when we ascend to our merited throne as Empress of
the United States, Protector of Mexico and Munificent Leader of Canada.


Brigid Duffy
Media Acquisitions
San Francisco State University
Rightful Heir to Emperor Norton
(Google it, gang)
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