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I would assume US copyright applies and it does not allow for any type
Of format changes.
I am afraid you would REALLY freak out this list if you applied
Canadian copyright down here as you poor folks don't have
A classroom exemption ( FYI what the hell do you do if someone wants
Of other impotent films you can't get PPR on in Canada ?).
I have always figured you get a big laugh out of watching some of
Discussions on the listserv

On 3/14/06 2:41 PM, "Susan Weber" <> wrote:

> One question Cecilia asked that hasn't been addressed is,
> Whose copyright law applies?
> The answer to that is, the law of the country where you are using
> the material. So, in U.S., you apply US copyright law.
> In Canada, we apply Canadian copyright law.
> This is because many (but not all) of the countries in the world
> have signed conventions (Berne, Universal Copyright Convention) agreeing
> to apply their own copyright
> laws to protect the creators from other countries who sign the conventions.
> The US has signed both the above conventions.
> Cheers,
> Susan
> Leathem, Cecilia Anne wrote:
>> Thank you. Your response makes it very clear that I need to ask for a
>> multi-format player. I knew this list was the best place to send my query.
>> Cecilia
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>> It is illegal to convert from PAL or any format.
>> ³fair use² has nothing to do with it and it very clear under copyright
>> That you canıt transfer formats without permission ( unless we want to
>> go into
>> To ³dead² format thing but PAL is not dead)
>> You can try to obtain permission but it is unlikely to be granted as
>> Different rights holders cover different territories
>> There is a pretty simple solution though. BUY multi-format players
>> They are fairly cheap and you should have them available.
>> Like other copyright issues it is ³inconvenient² but illegally
>> transfering from
>> PAL is no more legit than a pirate tape or converting a VHS to a DVD.
>> Here at least you have legal solution.
>> On 3/14/06 11:16 AM, "Leathem, Cecilia Anne" <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am new to the list, but have searched the archives to no avail for
>> information on my issues. I appreciate any input from others.
>> As a subject specialist, but not a media specialist, I have received
>> requests for foreign language videos from Italy and Israel, in
>> particular. The videos are often available only in PAL format and we
>> currently do not have the capability for converting and using them in
>> our library. As a rule, we then notify faculty requesting the video
>> that we cannot use the format and cancel the request.
>> Unsatisfied with our current policy, I have identified several local
>> companies who can convert PAL videos. I have also queried the
>> libraryıs digital media lab and our School of Communication lab,
>> neither of whom has the conversion equipment, but would buy it if we
>> have a great enough need.
>> My questions concern copyright issues.
>> Have other libraries converted videos from PAL to another format?
>> Have you obtained permission from the producer/supplier before converting?
>> Does making and keeping a copy conform to ³fair use²? What about
>> Whose copyright law applies?
>> Are there any other related issues that should concern me?
>> Thanks.
>> Cecilia
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