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Susan Weber (
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I very recently was having the very same problem.
I went to a local closed caption service, called Line 21 for answers,
and here is the
content of their response:

here's the solution that I was emailed about by someone wanting to
remaster his back catalogue:

> As it turns out I found a great, inexpensive solution. I just purchased
the OSPREY 210 encode board, for video streaming. This board also has the
ability to "extract" the CC line 21 data and save it to a TEXT file in
real time. I have just run several video copies through it and confirmed
it works beautifully.

With the text files in hand, I can now "cut and paste" it into my "DVD
Subtitler" program.

here's a CPC solution:

You can use CPC-600/700 software ($2,995/$4.995) >and
Mag HubCap hardware ($495)

Please check the side bar of the page:

and here's two more links:


Kelly A.D. Maxwell, Director
Line 21 Media Services Ltd.
122-1058 Mainland Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2T4

phone 604-662-4600 fax 604-662-4606

visit us on the web at <> wrote:

> I'm in the process of converting all of my titles to DVD and also
> closed captioning them. I've run into a problem with finding DVD/TV
> setups that will display the closed captioning. I know that the CCs
> are actually on the DVDs because they will display on certain
> machines. But in trying to buy a TV/DVD player and/or a TV and DVD
> player separately in order to review the masters before I give the
> go-ahead for the dubs, I've found that many commercially available
> machines seem incapable of displaying the DVD CCs, even though they
> have no problem displaying the broadcast TV CCs. Has anyone run into
> this problem and is there a solution? I feel confident that
> eventually I'll find machines that will work for me at my office (I
> hope!), but it has been such an incredible pain tracking down this
> info. that I am anticipating that my customers will have the same
> question down the road and I'd like to have a helpful answer.
> Many thanks to anyone who can help.
> Jocelyn Riley,
> PS Thanks also for the very useful discussion of DVD-Rs. I hadn't
> been familiar with that issue and am convinced now that it's
> worthwhile to go to the more expensive process rather than risk having
> disks that will be difficult or impossible for some users to play,
> particularly since the end users of many of my titles are giving large
> public presentations with them.


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