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Human Trafficking is a huge interest of mine and I have developed a subject bibliograrphy on the subject. I am actually involved with some projects as well to combat human trafficking in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia. We offer a course in Human Trafficking as well. The dean Of the Graduate School of Social Work (Mark Rodgers) is an expert in this area and has done international training. I have attached the media section of the subject bibliography that I developed and I can recommend many others. Of course there is the 4 hour Life Time film as well. Many of the films have not been reviewed. Please feel free to have your friend contact me.

Here it is:

Kim-Gibson, Daisi. (1999) Silence broken: Korean comfort women [Motion picture]

Dai Sil Productions.

Kim-Gibson, an award winning filmmaker (Asian American Media Award, Kodak Filmmakers Award and the Rockefeller Fellowship Award) presents a film regarding forced Korean women to work for a brothel system for Japanese soldiers. Kim-Gibson interviews the surviving women and allows them to tell their horrific memories as sex slaves in the military camps. The stories have commonalities woven throughout including vacuous promises of factory jobs or to get their family out of poverty or help to free family members from jail. The women demand justice as they are interviewed side by side with Japanese soldiers. The film was nationally broadcast by CBS in May, 2000. Village Voice, Asian Week- Los Angeles, Wall Street Journal, and Video Librarian gave high reviews <> as well as the New York Times. The film has subtitles.

Nofsinger, M.M. Library Journal, v. 125, no.12 (July, 2000) p. 160.

Harvey, D. Variety v. 374, no.7 (April 5, 1999) p. 40

Schneider, K.G. Video Librarian, v. 15, no.5 (Sep/Oct 2000) p. 40.

Dauphin, G. Village Voice, v. 44, no. 29 (July 27, 1999) p. 70.

Levine, Andrew (Producer), (2000) The price of youth [Motion picture] WITNESS and

Andrew Levine Productions. (Available from WITNESS Productions, 80 Hanson Place, 5th Fl. Brooklyn, NY 11217). (718-783-2000)

This video examines the process of trafficking young girls as young as 8 years old and women from Nepal to work as prostitutes in Bombay, India. Undercover worker Andrew Levine exposes the horrific practice. The Price of Youth was featured as a work in progress at the Sundance International Film Festival and featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show on January 18, 2001 about the issue of worldwide trafficking. The movie is in English with spoken subtitles. Reviewed by National Video Resources, April 6, 2005.

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Hello, everybody --

A friend/colleague who is an attorney and educator working on human
trafficking issue asks

"have you seen/heard of any short (15-20 mins or so) films on the issue of
human trafficking
that we might use to introduce the subject?"

Does anybody have any suggestions I can pass along?


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