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I did a search under title "Human traffic" since the LCSH for this topic is simply "Slavery." Also searched by "any" term of "human traffic" and got three hits. Haven't seen any of them, can make no claims about quality, don't know where to find them.

1. Human traffic, 11 min. by Anti-Slavery International in London, 2002. on videocassette. Cataloged by OhioLink.

2. Dying to leave, videocassette (104 min.) produced by Ronin Films presents ; Film Finance Corporation Australia and Thirteen/WNET New York presents a Hilton Cordell Production; written and directed by Chris Hilton & Aaron Wolf. Sydney, Australia. One record traces WNET and Thirteen (Firm) but there is no mention of them in the record. Cataloged by State Library of Western Australia and Murdoch University.

3. Another hit: Bought & sold (a videocassette) produced and directed by Gillian Caldwell. 42 min. Washington, DC: the Global Survival Network, 1997. Cataloged U of Arizona. Contains two reports: 1. Crime & servitude: An expose of the traffic in women for prostitution from the newly independent Soviet republics. -- 2. Trapped: Human trafficking for forced labor in the commonwealth of the northern Mariana Islands.

Hope one or any part of one works.

Sue Ellen Picker
currently freelancing

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>Hello, everybody --
>A friend/colleague who is an attorney and educator working on human
>trafficking issue asks
> "have you seen/heard of any short (15-20 mins or so) films on the issue of
>human trafficking
> that we might use to introduce the subject?"
>Does anybody have any suggestions I can pass along?
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