[Videolib] Spinoza

Gail Fedak (gfedak@mtsu.edu)
Wed, 8 Mar 2006 12:00:00 -0600

One of our philosophy faculty brought me a brochure about a new feature film
titled Spinoza. It was produced in Europe within the last couple of years.
The contact information in the back of the brochure was for individuals, not
a company, listing what looked to be international phone numbers for several
people, and one email address. I sent an inquiry to the email address, but
have received no reply. I do not know the country of origin or the language
spoken by the contacts and suspect they do not read English. I have searched
IMDb, Google (US, UK, Germany, France), eBay, and WorldCat to no avail. Can
anyone in the international feature film arena identify this program from
this sketchy information and provide information about its availability?
Thanks in advance.

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