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Athletic teams have shared game films (16 mm and now video) for
years, and typically each team films their games to duplicate and
distribute to upcoming opponents. It has become a vary sophisticated
process in many cases, especially in football, with a variety of
camera positions captured directly into a computer with specialized
software to break down every play. In our conference, during the
basketball season, the home team provides video of the game to both
its own team and the visitors.

In my opinion, since either the home team has provided the tape, in
which case it might be considered a work made by the institution, or
the opponent team, in which case they have given permission, that you
should have not problems

If the tapes were coming from a television network and showed the
game with commentary, then I would follow up to find the copyright


On Mar 7, 2006, at 6:54 PM, Gail Fedak wrote:

> This question is probably a stretch for this forum, but I thought
> someone
> here might be able to provide insight. Please respond off-list if you
> prefer. From time to time, some of our coaches have asked me to
> duplicate
> "team films" that are circulated among coaches in order to prepare
> for an
> upcoming game. As best I can determine from questioning the coaches
> about
> the source of these films, they are recorded by somebody or multiple
> somebodies in attendance at an institution's games (football,
> basketball,
> etc.) without commentary, advertising, background music, etc. It
> seems that
> these films are then bicycled around from one school to another to be
> duplicated, viewed, analyzed. The coaches have said, "Oh, it's done
> all the
> time. Our equipment is down at the moment, or we'd do it
> ourselves." The
> latest request was for one of these films to be duplicated from VHS
> to DVD
> for the aforementioned purposes. I'd like to be helpful, but but
> have so
> far declined because I've not been able to placate my doubts about how
> copyright law/guidelines sift out on this. Have any of you had this
> type of
> request? How did you respond and why? Thanks in advance for any
> assistance.
> Gail
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