RE: [Videolib] Does loose filing of DVDs cause scratches? (David
Wed, 8 Mar 2006 06:56:56 -0000 (UTC)

I would suggest placing the DVDs in Tyvek sleeves, not plastic or paper
sleeves. Tyvek is what we use to ship our repaired discs back to
customers and does not scratch the surface of the disc. We noticed that
the plastic sleeves that one of our major rental club clients was using
actually rescratched the discs when they simply inserted and removed the
discs from the plastic sleeves. If the discs are placed in Tyvek sleeves,
sorting through them to look for a particular title shouldn't cause any
scratching to the disc surface.

I also noticed a response referencing hub damage. Perhaps some of you on
the list could provide some feedback with the hub label ID protectors
available on the market. We've introduced a metal reinforced protector
that a number of clients now use. They seem to be elimating the cracking
that repeatedly removing a disc from a case can cause. As we've done in
the past, I'd be happy to send samples of these to anyone interested in
checking them out.

David Wright
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