Re: [Videolib] Does loose filing of DVDs cause scratches?

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That isn't too surprising John. We also filed our cd's and videos behind the
desk at circulation but that became too time consuming and space
inefficient. We've NEVER found a case pried open, and they can be used over
and over again. No one method works for all libraries, but I think it is
mistaken to think there is no cost involved with storing them at


> Jerry,
> We lost nearly 650 DVDs in 6 months, approximately 10% of the
> entertainment DVD collection. In spite of my pleas for a theft deterrent
> we continued without a security system in place. It took an article in
> the local paper to facilitate change. Now we're placing the discs behind
> the desk and displaying empty cases. It takes more staff time (we're
> tracking it at several branches) but our loss rates are very close to
> zero.
> I believe there's a more efficient, cost-effective way to protect the
> collection than the one we use, but at this time don't know what that
> is. And the folks on the list don't appear to agree on one method. Just
> recently I've heard from library systems where they have found empty
> cases that have been pried open.
> Has your system tracked the cost benefit of the Kwik Kase method? If so,
> would you be willing to share the info?
> Thanks,
> John
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> I'll have to disagree with your assessment Melissa. How can it be a
> labor
> and space saver when you adding extra steps for staff time and extra
> space
> at check out? And unless your circulation staff are trained in proper
> handling of unsleeved DVD's and are wearing white cotton gloves you are
> sure
> to have problems with the DVD's playing. We have been using Kwik Kases
> on
> the regular shelves for years and are true labor and money savers.
> Others
> strip the discs and put clear covers on them, which also is an option.
> Jerry Notaro, Media Librarian
>> This is a great labor and space saver, and is far simpler, more
> ergonomic, and
>> faster than other systems which prevent theft.
>> As they get checked out they are put into the DVD case by the staff.
>> Does anyone have evidence that this system would cause appreciably
> more
>> scratches than other filing systems? Or any comments?
>> Were this system universally applied in a library system, it might
> not be
>> necessary to have security strips on the discs.
>> Are there studies on what causes and what prevents scratches?
> Presumably
>> anything the patrons do is more likely to scratch them than merely
> filing them
>> naked in a drawer!
>> I suspect you have discussed this at length before and may need to
> direct my
>> attention to part of the archives. I found some related info in March
> 2003,
>> but there may be new ideas and information as well.
>> Thanks,
>> Melissa Riley
>> San Francisco Public Library
>> Mriley@sfpl.orgUniversity of South Florida St. Petersburg
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