Re: [Videolib] Does loose filing of DVDs cause scratches?

Jerry Notaro (
Tue, 07 Mar 2006 08:00:27 -0500

I'll have to disagree with your assessment Melissa. How can it be a labor
and space saver when you adding extra steps for staff time and extra space
at check out? And unless your circulation staff are trained in proper
handling of unsleeved DVD's and are wearing white cotton gloves you are sure
to have problems with the DVD's playing. We have been using Kwik Kases on
the regular shelves for years and are true labor and money savers. Others
strip the discs and put clear covers on them, which also is an option.

Jerry Notaro, Media Librarian

> This is a great labor and space saver, and is far simpler, more ergonomic, and
> faster than other systems which prevent theft.
> As they get checked out they are put into the DVD case by the staff.
> Does anyone have evidence that this system would cause appreciably more
> scratches than other filing systems? Or any comments?
> Were this system universally applied in a library system, it might not be
> necessary to have security strips on the discs.
> Are there studies on what causes and what prevents scratches? Presumably
> anything the patrons do is more likely to scratch them than merely filing them
> naked in a drawer!
> I suspect you have discussed this at length before and may need to direct my
> attention to part of the archives. I found some related info in March 2003,
> but there may be new ideas and information as well.
> Thanks,
> Melissa Riley
> San Francisco Public Library
> Mriley@sfpl.orgUniversity of South Florida St. Petersburg

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