RE: [Videolib] theft prevention and floating collections

Bergman, Barbara J (
Thu, 2 Mar 2006 11:49:37 -0600

At mid-winter, I saw a demo of a new system called Lock-a-Shelf which
might have potential in this situation... (I thought it looked cool.)

It's kind of hard to describe, and unfortunately I'm not finding
anything online, but I'll try:

Picture a cabinet full of Kwik cases in which you flip through cases
that contain the DVD boxes. The cases are securely locked and cannot be
removed from the cabinet (no way for someone to take a DVD to a dark
corner & break into a case).

Patron checks out a DVD (or CD or audiobook case). They're given a
numeric code. The patron enters the code on keypad on the cabinet. The
locks for all titles they have checked out pop open & allow the patron
to remove the DVD.

DVDs don't have to be tattletaped.
DVDs don't have set location - they can be put back into any slot in the
cabinet. You scan a barcode on the DVD and the one on the slot you just
put it in to match up the checkout code. (This seems handy for your
floating collection).

Vendor is
Security Systems by Frich Corporation

They said that the Rochester, Minnesota, public library is already using
the system.


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