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I don't know about FamilySafeMedia, but these guys are Utah based and I do know a little about them and have used them on occassion in my private life. I have a four year old nephew who is a spider man fiend and I rented an edited version for him to watch. I bought the unedited for my personal collection. There are some people whose personal sensibilities are offended by profanity, nudity, graphic violence, sexual content. If they were offered the choice to see the "airplane" version would opt to do so. This company is out to serve those patrons.

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Although I'm scratching my head as to what they could possibly have
found to edit in Wallace & Gromit or Pride & Prejudice (these are
apparently people who also complain about language on broadcast TV), I
know that using editted films is often the only way that K-12 teachers
can show some films -- over-zealous administrators who are concerned
about over-reactive parents tend to issue edicts about R-rated films --
so I guess it meets a need.


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Is this site the reincarnation of FamilySafeMedia?

"We are the leading provider of Edited Hollywood movies. We remove all:
Profanity, Nudity, Graphic Violence, Sexual Content. Over 700 Edited

Reading the list of profanity they promise to edit out, I had to laugh
while I guessed at all the "B-, H-, D-, and S-words" they might mean.
(Those are bad words?)

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