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Hey...ya just never know...

I had a school district prohibit the general use of videos because of a
"parental complaint" over a teacher using "Free Willy" in the classroom.
The issue, you ask?.... PG means PARENTAL Guidance.....they (the
parents) were not present!

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Although I'm scratching my head as to what they could possibly have
found to edit in Wallace & Gromit or Pride & Prejudice (these are
apparently people who also complain about language on broadcast TV), I
know that using editted films is often the only way that K-12 teachers
can show some films -- over-zealous administrators who are concerned
about over-reactive parents tend to issue edicts about R-rated films --
so I guess it meets a need.


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Is this site the reincarnation of FamilySafeMedia?

CleanFlicks "We are the leading
provider of Edited Hollywood movies. We remove all:
Profanity, Nudity, Graphic Violence, Sexual Content. Over 700 Edited

Reading the list of profanity they promise to edit out, I had to laugh
while I guessed at all the "B-, H-, D-, and S-words" they might mean.
(Those are bad words?)

Kathy Turnquist, Director
Audio Visual Institute of DuPage (AVID)

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