Re: [Videolib] Creating a "Finding Media" searchable database

Rick Provine (
Mon, 27 Feb 2006 16:35:17 -0500

Hi Monique:

We have created a tab in our catalog for locating video...



>>> 2/27/2006 3:00:52 PM >>>

I'm sure this question has come up before.

I am trying to convince my institution to create an internal "Find
Media" searchable database that will interact with our current library
on-line cataloging system -- not very different from how to "Find a
Book" or "Find an Article."

I think several years ago, some of you shared your internal search
database with the list.
Would you mind contacting me off-line so I can see some examples?

Here are two that I'm familiar with:

University of Maryland Digital Films:

Trexler Library Home Page: >
Finding Media > Videos >


Thanks in advance.


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