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Gary Handman (
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Hold on, Jessica

Fair use applies to considerably more than transformative work...

Again: I think the use of whole works would be a very very difficult
thing to claim under FU, but, excerpting and use of portions of a
work in the service of teaching, criticism, and scholarship
definitely falls under the umbrella.

I also question the creds of a lawyer who refers to wikipedia as
authoritative definition.


At 05:10 PM 2/23/2006, Jessica Rosner wrote:
>I got so frustrated by the idea that ANYONE could think
>"Fair Use" could ever cover an entire work that I forwarded
>most of the thread to a copyright specialist I know
>He felt the list had done a pretty good job dismissing this but
>went on to point out that "fair use" ONLY applies to "transformative" work
>that is using a PORTION of something as PART of another work and had
>NO application to streaming an entire film
>He suggested this link
>and look under "Purpose and character" for the discussion of
>transformative use.
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