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Jeanne Little (jeanne.little@uni.edu)
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Our university refers to a very concise, useful resource for our
copyright concerns. I will quote a section that pertains to Home Use vs.
School Version Videos, from Gary H. Becker's "Copyright: a guide to
information and resources", 3rd edition, c.2003, pgs.44-45:

"Home Use vs. School Version Video Programs for Instructional Use"

"Our school would like to purchase a video program. The problem is
that there are two versions, one labeled "for home use only" and costs
about $38.00 and the other is the 'school version' and costs
approximately $100.00. Since this would be used for 'face to face
instruction', can we legally purchase the cheaper version?"

Response: "The 'Home Use Only' restriction does not diminish the
privilege granted educators in Section 110(1) of the copyright law to
publicly perform or display copyrighted material for face-to-face
instruction. However, the $100.00 version may come with general public
performance rights that would enable use for non-instructional purposes,
if desired, or may permit closed circuit distribution use. Neither of
these uses is permissible with the 'Home Use Only' copy."

Hope this helps.

Jeanne Little

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