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Our circulation policies do not permit faculty to check out video materials
for 3-4 months. Not that some of them don't keep them that long. Our
circulation policies can be found at . Most faculty understand
that returning the materials within a reasonable amount of time means that
the materials stand a lower chance of being lost, albeit in someone's
office/car, or truly lost. With a little one-on-one education, most also
realize that this means the materials are available to them in the long run,
especially given their often short life span on the open market. Do you hold
videos on reserve for faculty to send their students to view in the library?
If so, this service would be an excellent reason for a hasty return policy.
We put a sticker on each of our video items that warns about duplicating
without permission. We also have one we apply to materials for which we do
not have PPR. It reads For Face To Face Teaching Only / No Public
Performance License.
We do not police what faculty do with the videos once they walk out our
door. That said, if a patron asks whether they can use a particular video in
a non-classroom venue, or tells us they are going to in the guise of
university-to-community service, we take the opportunity to educate them. At
that point I can and have declined to check out something, knowing up front
what the intended use is. That's the point at which I also volunteer to
assist them in their pursuit of PPR for a given title. I will locate PPR
sources, copyright holders, etc., but won't negotiate terms of a contract.
Hope this helps.

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> I recently posted tot his list regarding my purchase of a
> for-home-viewing PBS video for my college library. I got excellent and
> quick responses alon the lines of :"for educational use - to show in
> class as part of the curriculum - it is fine" and this has opened up
> another set of questions for me.
> We lend media to professors, sometimes for a whole semester. This
> seems to frustrate the "only to show in class" part of the educational
> use. I ask myself.. should we be lending out videos for classrom use
> ONLY - like for two hours at a time or one or two class periods at a
> time - for months at a time?
> I suspect that professors check out the videos for months at a time
> because they can. Mainly so that they can save themselves a trip to the
> library to pick up or return items with in the confines of the regular
> library loan period of three weeks. For that matter, why three weeks? If
> they want to show a video during class, even two class periods, why
> check it out to them for more than the class periods or the two days
> they want to show it? I can book their videos for a custom amount of
> time, but sometimes they request 3 or 4 months. I know they are not
> using it every class period for that amount of time. I also am pretty
> sure they are not holding profit making public performances of it
> either...but still.
> The larger philosophical point here is about policing copyright. I have
> not been deputized by the feds to police copyright beyond my own active
> law breaking; like not copying protected material so that staff may keep
> one in their office for convenience sake. Should I presume that the
> burden is on the professor to use the video appropriately only in class?
> Yes. But how does that fit with super long check out periods? Shouldn't
> videos/DVDs thereby have really, really short checkout periods? To
> encourage..umm.. lawfulness?
> OK - maybe I want an excuse to block grabby professors who want to
> basically own the videos after the library buys them.
> I am working on revising my media policy and probably have been
> thinking about lending policies waaay too much lately.
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