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I don't think this is really a copyright issue unless you suspect the
professors are having open public showings or dubbing off bootleg copies
As a practical matter I would not think you would want titles checked
Out for such lengthy periods as that must be a bitch for other people who
Might want to see the title


On 2/23/06 2:03 PM, "Ciara Healy" <> wrote:

> I recently posted tot his list regarding my purchase of a
> for-home-viewing PBS video for my college library. I got excellent and
> quick responses alon the lines of :"for educational use - to show in
> class as part of the curriculum - it is fine" and this has opened up
> another set of questions for me.
> We lend media to professors, sometimes for a whole semester. This
> seems to frustrate the "only to show in class" part of the educational
> use. I ask myself.. should we be lending out videos for classrom use
> ONLY - like for two hours at a time or one or two class periods at a
> time - for months at a time?
> I suspect that professors check out the videos for months at a time
> because they can. Mainly so that they can save themselves a trip to the
> library to pick up or return items with in the confines of the regular
> library loan period of three weeks. For that matter, why three weeks? If
> they want to show a video during class, even two class periods, why
> check it out to them for more than the class periods or the two days
> they want to show it? I can book their videos for a custom amount of
> time, but sometimes they request 3 or 4 months. I know they are not
> using it every class period for that amount of time. I also am pretty
> sure they are not holding profit making public performances of it
> either...but still.
> The larger philosophical point here is about policing copyright. I have
> not been deputized by the feds to police copyright beyond my own active
> law breaking; like not copying protected material so that staff may keep
> one in their office for convenience sake. Should I presume that the
> burden is on the professor to use the video appropriately only in class?
> Yes. But how does that fit with super long check out periods? Shouldn't
> videos/DVDs thereby have really, really short checkout periods? To
> encourage..umm.. lawfulness?
> OK - maybe I want an excuse to block grabby professors who want to
> basically own the videos after the library buys them.
> I am working on revising my media policy and probably have been
> thinking about lending policies waaay too much lately.
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