Fwd: RE: [Videolib] LearMedia?

Susan Albrecht (albrechs@wabash.edu)
Thu, 23 Feb 2006 10:46:50 -0500

>I said earlier:
>[ (Am I the only one who looks at Videolib as a resource in this way?
>You know, quoting Gary and Dennis and Jessica and...? :-))]

Mark responded:

>Instead of quoting, just use the following line, when they question your
>decision...when they ask..."Why not?"
>"BECAUSE I SAID SO, DAMNIT!!"...btw, it's more effective on a
>Monday...preferably in the morning...and before coffee, to give ya more
>of an edge in your tone!

LOL. To the Monday morning, apres coffee, I could always add in the fact
of my being both a Cub fan and an IU basketball fan -- *that* would explain
that certain edge/surliness/angst/despair in my voice as well.

Susan, still shaking her head at Gary's inability to keep the Oakland As
and the Oakland Raiders straight. How can you live where you live and be
unaware of Al Davis, eh?

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"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."--Neil Peart

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