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Wed, 22 Feb 2006 16:19:48 -0500

I looked a little more closely, too, at the particular title which prompted
me to write in the first place, and from the image LearMedia presents
for that title (Kozintsev's King Lear), it appears they're just showing
the cover of a Tartan Video VHS. That film, it turns out, is available on
DVD, not as a dubious dub of a UK VHS, but from RUSCICO itself.

The prof in question, after I shared a few of your responses about
LearMedia, said he hoped he hadn't gotten the company in trouble!
I, believing wholeheartedly in the serendipitous teachable moment, said
perhaps the company NEEDED to get into trouble. It certainly can't hurt
for the producers/distributors amongst us to check things out, as Jessica
is (well, her interns are) doing, to make sure nothing illegal's going on.


At 01:43 PM 2/22/2006 -0500, you wrote:
>Well from what I can determine they dub off films most of which are not
>Released in the US but are in the UK and then claim they are PD
>That is some unique info. I have passed this on to several companies
>whose films are being sold illegally and we really do have a nice
>in house lawyer who will contacting them shortly.
>FYI two of three Kino titles I checked for ARE legally released and would
>not be dubbed, the third is not available. I am sure they had many more
>of our films bootlegged but I did not feel like going through it that
>closely ( that's what interns are for)
>On 2/22/06 12:55 PM, "Gary Handman" <> wrote:
> > Hi susan
> >
> > I had a quick look at the documentary section of Lear Media's
> > catalog--most of the stuff is available elsewhere (altho,
> > interestingly I notice that they carry a number of cool British Film
> > Institute titles that are otherwise only available thru the BFI or
> amazon UK)
> >
> > Gary
> >

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