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Susan Albrecht (
Wed, 22 Feb 2006 15:42:44 -0500

Eileen wrote:
>I have looked at this site before and have not purchased from them.
>They list titles that are available from traditional distributors and
>are in no way in public domain. Our Library has a firm policy that we
>do not buy bootleg copies of media.

As do we. Earlier in my time here (how did ten years pass by already?!), I
believe I may have made one purchase which I'd have been wiser to have not
made, in terms of not adequately assessing the likelihood of
"bootleggedness." But I would never knowingly or flippantly acquire
something dubious.

Thanks to all of you who've provided comments about this company. I didn't
even browse their listings much, since there was one particular title this
prof was after, and, truth be told, I love having you guys out there so
that I can fire off an inquiry, knowing that people far more knowledgable
than I are going to weigh in with the inside scoop. It provides me with
very nice backup indeed when I provide a prof with an unpopular response,
you know?

(Am I the only one who looks at Videolib as a resource in this way? You
know, quoting Gary and Dennis and Jessica and...? :-))


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