Re: [Videolib] question on copyrights

Jerry Notaro (
Wed, 22 Feb 2006 13:03:54 -0500

> "the use would be identical, in effect, as it would were the item owned by
> the library and just put on reserve. "
> "If the use negatively affects the copyright holder, it is probably not a
> fair use. However, in many cases I don't see that negative effect (and have
> yet to understand what it would be, except for in the situation Jessica
> described with not owning the copy)."
> Streaming is not identical to placing the feature on reserve if it is
> streamed outside the library. The negative effect would be people making
> copies of the streaming video "in the comfort of their dorm rooms" or other
> abodes and doing whatever they pleased with the copies.

I don't think anyone has to worry about dormies bootlegging streamed copies
of anything. If they were seriously interested, any 18 year old can make a
perfect digital copy from the DVD no matter how copy protected it is. Look
at it the same way music is now being delivered. CD sales are down, but paid
downloading and streaming is way up. Even hold out like The Beatles are now
available from Itunes. It IS going to be a matter survival.


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