[Videolib] Rights for "Nuit et brouillard=Night and Fog",

Jeanne Little (jeanne.little@uni.edu)
Wed, 22 Feb 2006 11:57:04 -0600

Greetings, All!

Our library currently owns on vhs format:

"Nuit et brouillard=Night and Fog" (1955), Argos Films/Home Vision
Cinema, 1997
"Triumph des Willens=Triumph of the Wills" (1935), Timeless Video, 1996

Our university is planning numerous campus-wide sessions on the
Holocaust, and several faculty members are interested in obtaining
public performance rights for non-paid admission in an educational
setting for these two titles.

Does anyone know who owns the rights to these to titles that I could
contact for possible permission or a public performance license? I have
emails outstanding to Criterion Collections, and to a French company,
Allocine. No responses back yet.

Thanks for any and all information you can supply. It will be very much

Jeanne Little
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