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Hi susan

I had a quick look at the documentary section of Lear Media's
catalog--most of the stuff is available elsewhere (altho,
interestingly I notice that they carry a number of cool British Film
Institute titles that are otherwise only available thru the BFI or amazon UK)


At 08:26 AM 2/22/2006, you wrote:
>Um... er... is it kosher for me to ask whether a particular company
>out there is legit? :-) People can write to me offlist, rather than
>on, if they prefer, but I'm interested in knowing of any experiences
>y'all might have had with LearMedia. From their website [
> ]:
> >>>All of the movies we offer on our website are unavailable via
> distributors of regular retail routes in North America and are part
> of the public domain. Our service is to offer digitally reproduced
> DVD and VHS replications of an original version (usually converted
> from PAL - European format), distributed with full-colour copies of
> the cover and label.
>The audio and picture quality is pretty much identical to the
>original version. Which, because we only offer older and
>discontinued titles, in a lot of cases cannot compete with the
>digital DVD quality of movies made today. However, we guarantee your
>satisfaction and are prepared to offer you a full refund (minus
>shipping) if you are unhappy in any way.
>We stand behind the quality of our professional conversions and
>digital reproductions. For every 1 person that was expecting audio
>and visual quality comparable to the DVDs commercially available
>today, we receive 100 "thank you"s from people that are just happy
>to watch a movie that brings back great memories.<<<
>Anyone have comments to share?
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