[Videolib] LearMedia?

Susan Albrecht (albrechs@wabash.edu)
Wed, 22 Feb 2006 11:26:39 -0500

Um... er... is it kosher for me to ask whether a particular company out
there is legit? :-) People can write to me offlist, rather than on, if
they prefer, but I'm interested in knowing of any experiences y'all might
have had with LearMedia. From their website [
http://www.learmedia.ca/aboutvids.php ]:

>>>All of the movies we offer on our website are unavailable via
distributors of regular retail routes in North America and are part of the
public domain. Our service is to offer digitally reproduced DVD and VHS
replications of an original version (usually converted from PAL - European
format), distributed with full-colour copies of the cover and label.

The audio and picture quality is pretty much identical to the original
version. Which, because we only offer older and discontinued titles, in a
lot of cases cannot compete with the digital DVD quality of movies made
today. However, we guarantee your satisfaction and are prepared to offer
you a full refund (minus shipping) if you are unhappy in any way.

We stand behind the quality of our professional conversions and digital
reproductions. For every 1 person that was expecting audio and visual
quality comparable to the DVDs commercially available today, we receive 100
"thank you"s from people that are just happy to watch a movie that brings
back great memories.<<<

Anyone have comments to share?

Susan at Wabash

Susan Albrecht
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