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Nanette Sweetser (NSWEETSE@usc.edu.au)
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RE: Are you still purchasing DVD-Rs even though they may or may not play in the classroom?

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Hi Videolibbers
I have found greater success with dvds when I ensure that

a) the dvd player is absolutely level - that is
> Use a spirit level two ways on it and prop it up underneath the feet with slips of paper to make it level, (dvds play on a bed of air and will have difficulty if lopsided)

b) the dvd player is cool, especially if there is no air-conditioning they can run too hot and start to freeze (probably more of a problem here in Queensland)
> Run a fan directly onto it, at about a metre away to coool it down while playing. (I think player manufacturers still have to iron out the cooling bugs for dvd plpayers)

c) the dvd is clean - sometimes they can be really dirty even from just finger prints
> Clean the dvd. Breathe on it (yes this is ok and works - chemical cleaners can leave deposits) then wipe carefully with a soft cloth systematically all round from the centre to the outside, so the static from the cleaning doesn't upset the formatting

d) if the label is ripped away or chipped, dvds will also have problems playing.

...But sometimes - the disc is just Bad!!

cheers & good luck

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