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Based on feedback I've received so far, this seems to be a growing
problem. You bring up some very good questions that I hope others will
join in and address.


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Hello Monique (et. al.),

I hope y'all don't mind a reply to the list, because I'm very interested
in this thread as well. With the increase in DVD-Rs coming into our
collection, we have noticed some random problems as well. Occasionally
DVD-Rs will play on some players and not others, some computers and not
others, etc. At times I'm not certain if this has to do with the DVD-R
format or the quality of the actual buring process. I've notice that a
number of even the higher-priced vendors will sell DVD-Rs without so
much as a generic menu structure. This is often frustrating given the
cost of the media -- in many cases an $80 piece of software could make
short work of this kind of thing for all titles released. Seems like a
small investment with a small amount of know-how required... But I'm
digressing. Back to the original query -- YES -- we have had problems.

It creates issues for instructors who show up for their class and then
find that their computer / player won't read the disc. (Standardizing
playback equipment across campus is out of the question and
unreasonable, in my opinion -- these are not just problems with old or
non-progressive scan machines!) But, what can as librarians do about
this? Of course glass mastering every educational video released just
isn't cost-effective and would put many distributors out of business.
Are we stuck with touchy media in this case? Or am I missing the


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Threatt, Monique L wrote:

>Recently we received three documentaries from PBS on DVD-R. Our
>cataloger first tried to watch the film on a JVC DVD playback machine.
>She noted pixilation problems, and quick stops and starts. She then
>played the doc on her computer with no problems. Our media staff also
>watched the film on a different playback machine with no problems.
>Has anyone else experienced problems with PBS's DVD-Rs, or problems
>watching a DVD-R on a JVC?
>Contact me off-line.
>Monique Threatt
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>Library, W121 Indiana University Bloomington, IN 47405
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