[Videolib] question on copyrights

Badilla-Melendez, Cindy (CBADILLAME@stthomas.edu)
Thu, 16 Feb 2006 16:30:46 -0600


I know that few weeks ago there was a discussion on copyrights for video
clips online. I know we can use 10% or 3 minutes which ever is less. But
this is related to if the library owns the video.

Can we put video clips online (streaming video) for distance ed, of videos
owned by faculty but not by the library?

We all know that if the library buys a video, we pay $300 for it, and if a
professor buy the same video he/she will pay only $50. So would that has
something to with being allowed legally to put the prof's copy of video
clips online? We are allowed to put personal copies on course reserve.

What do you think?


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