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Hello Deg,

Thanks for the suggestion -- we do have many of the Life titles, and I
will refer her to some of the more recent ones.


deg farrelly wrote:

> We acquire many titles on globalization themes...
> I have to say that, in general, some of the best “bang for the buck”,
> IMHO, are the Bullfrog Films video series “Life”. While no one video
> will give an complete overall view (really... How could you sum up the
> condition of the world’s women in ONE video!) the individual programs
> are superb.
> Life, City Life, Life III, Life IV
> And while it’s older that Postcards.... You might also consider their
> series: A Woman’s Place (6 10 minute films for the UN Beijing
> Conference on Women)
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> Dear Collective Brain,
> I have been trying to locate possible titles for a faculty who has
> been using /Postcards from the Future/ for some time now, and who
> would like to use something similar in scope and tone that is more
> up-to-date (/Postcards/ was released in 1997). Our catalog description
> of this title reads "This program features women throughout the world
> who are working toward gaining power and making a difference." Can
> anyone think of any similar titles that have been released within the
> last, say, 2-3 years? Or know of any programs currently in
> development? I have suggested /Peace x Peace: Women on the Frontlines/
> and a handful of other possibilities, but am still looking for the
> right one. This is the faculty's wishlist:
> "It should be something just as engaging as this one, but it doesn't
> only have to show accomplishments....sort of a snapshot of worldwide
> women's issues, looking at several key countries. I like this one
> because it links women's activism with environmental activism, peace
> activism and efforts to address violence against women."
> Thanks in advance,
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> Meghann R. Matwichuk
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