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Well TEACH and Fair Use don't apply to the use of whole
Feature films \ which is about all I generally deal with.
I am curious as to how it is currently used

I think everyone really wants to arrive at the same end in which educational
Institutions can use good independently produced/ owned media and rights
holders can make enough to survive. Any suggestions on how to achieve this
Are always appreciated

> In addition to the great questions that you list below, I hope our
> review committees also ask: why are we considering purchasing these
> licenses? Is it really necessary? How are the materials being used,
> and does fair use or TEACH apply? There are four fair use factors; I
> think often the amount used is what makes video librarians think fair
> use doesn't apply, but that is only one factor among four. So far,
> our colleagues in music and visual resources have argued this more
> successfully than we have; they've been making the whole works case
> since CONFU and have recommended copyright policies to back it up.
> I realize that this comment may provoke the usual response from some
> on this list. I strongly disagree with the perspective that
> digitizing and streaming titles which the institution legally owns
> without purchasing an additional "digital license" is necessarily
> illegal.
> I would like to hear from others who are typically silent when these
> debates arise on VIDEOLIB. I'm curious where the people not
> represented on Monique's list stand. I know not everyone has the
> technological resources to support a local streaming service; waiting
> for the video equivalent of a Naxos/Classical Music online service
> and paying a subscription fee makes sense in those cases (or maybe in
> all cases: Northwestern has both a robust local music streaming
> service and subscriptions to music streaming databases). But if it's
> not a question of technical resources, and faculty are requesting
> streaming, has the institution chosen not to make a legal decision,
> leaving the question hanging? What strikes me most are the cases
> where licenses are being purchased but no services provided. We may
> have taken to electronic journals like ducks to water, but there were
> significant new services being offered with ejournals: centrally
> delivered electronic content, vastly improved access through search
> services, etc. What exactly are we paying for now?
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> Claire
> At 3:23 PM -0600 2/11/06, Bergman, Barbara J wrote:
>> I'm okay with paying a reasonable higher price for digital access, but
>> cost aside, digital rights that have to be renewed create a purchasing
>> problem because I am no longer making a one-time purchase.
>> Anything with an ongoing cost is considered a serial, with ongoing staff
>> time as well as ongoing financial commitments. It will be treated the
>> same as if we were purchasing access to a journal database.
>> So, in order to purchase digital rights with a time limit, I lose a lot
>> of my autonomy in making purchasing decisions. I am going to have to go
>> make my case to our Serials Review Committee - who are going to ask all
>> the same questions that we're asking (while also getting over the
>> sticker shock of how much many educational videos cost in the first
>> place). Other questions they will ask - Whose budget is going to pay
>> for the renewal? Who will keep track of the length of the license? Who
>> will decide whether to continue access? Who is responsible for making
>> sure the renewal gets paid? What if we decide that our budget can't
>> absorb the renewal costs?
>> Will I be looking at acquiring digital access? Yes.
>> Are we jumping in? Not yet.
>> Will perpetual access be a selling point? Definitely.
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