[Videolib] Insight Media's policy on digitization and streaming

Elana Joffe (elana@insight-media.com)
Sun, 12 Feb 2006 19:01:23 -0500

In the light of the recent discussions on the list, I just wanted to
clarify any confusion that may exist on Insight Media's policy on granting
rights to stream and digitize products purchased from us.

Our policy as drafted by our legal counsel:

Insight Media cannot and does not grant anyone rights to digitize or to
digitally distribute any work under the TEACH Act. A school's right, if
any, to digitize and/or distribute a work arises under the law. It's up to
the school to determine in each case whether the school has any rights
under the TEACH Act with regard to a particular work. That requires the
school to review among other things whether it is an institution covered by
the law, it has the proper procedures in place to comply with the law, and
whether the work is eligible under the law, taking into account how and
with what rights it was obtained. Insight Media does not give advice on
whether a school has rights under the TEACH Act, which is a decision the
school should make in consultation with legal counsel.

Elana Joffe
Vice President, Acquisitions & Development
Insight Media, Inc.
212-721-6316 x103

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